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Buy Kamagra Over The Counter

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I just noticed a forum thread called Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated? Buy Kamagra Over The Counter, which was posted by TZone, mainly about the nominations. He is rightly pissed off that his name isn’t in a producer category. But there are a LOT of other important names that are missing in the lists, 150mg Kamagra. What does it mean. 50mg Kamagra, That people don’t appreciate quality. I think that there is a chance of that, buy Kamagra Over The Counter. That people didn’t do enough to make sure they got nominated if they wanted to be there. Certainly, Kamagra coupon. JoeAlias is everywhere right now, Kamagra uk, pushing with tracks every day and he got 6 noms. I say well-fncking-done. Buy Kamagra Over The Counter, Does that mean that he’s top 5 in each category. I doubt even he would say he is, Kamagra canada.

So, Kamagra us, here’s the thing. Every year that the noms come out, people get annoyed and say they are leaving, Kamagra mexico. It’s the same with the DT mixtape and people were pissed at me because they didn’t make it onto the KKRUNCH tapes. Like they are owed something, buy Kamagra Over The Counter. Kamagra japan, Since when did DT start giving out free lunches. WE created the awards – not DT (they just helped us by setting up voting) – so we have to make it work. And that is, 40mg Kamagra, in my opinion, 500mg Kamagra, how we should sort out most of the problems.

Here are the same complaints I see every damn week…

I deserve an award: do you, really, 250mg Kamagra. Buy Kamagra Over The Counter, And if you do, why aren’t other people agreeing with you. Did you do enough to demonstrate it. Kamagra usa, I think MF Doom is better than 99% of hip out there, but I don’t see him in the charts. Dig, Kamagra india.

A lot of people in the noms don’t deserve to be there: well, 750mg Kamagra, they got voted in and it wasn’t through ghost accounts, because they were checked.

I never get recognition for what I do: firstly, do you really care if a bunch of lames vote your stuff up, buy Kamagra Over The Counter. I don’t care for a lot of peoples’ opinions on this site, 30mg Kamagra, so why do I care if they dope me. 200mg Kamagra, I think that we should set up a committee of regular users that can vote up the hot tracks, so that we have a sort of ‘moderators top tracks’ list. No ghost or spammer is going to get on there, Kamagra overseas.

There isn’t enough moderation on the site: no shit. Buy Kamagra Over The Counter, But it is OUR site, so we have a duty to moderate. Kamagra paypal, I remember calling a spammer out and had to live with a world of shit because we’re all too selfish to act collectively. I’m down to sort out a moderation committee if enough people are prepared to put the hours in.

People are ghosting: Yeah, Kamagra ebay, maybe but I don’t see what the point is. 1000mg Kamagra, You will know if you’ve voted yourself up and what is the point in showing off about being the best if you voted yourself up. Even if Pink made it so that IP addresses were tracked, people could easily get around it, buy Kamagra Over The Counter. We need some integrity here. We should all know when a lame gets more points than they deserve and call them out, 100mg Kamagra. Again, 20mg Kamagra, this would be helped if there were a committee of moderators.

So, my point is, Kamagra craiglist, we can’t moan because (most of us) are grown adults and we should take responsibility. Buy Kamagra Over The Counter, What do you all think. Kamagra australia, A sort of moderation committee to do the following tasks:
-police forums, crack down on spammers, make sure people don’t ask the same damn question every day
-spot potential ghosts and investigate beat jackers
-work to an informal rota so that we know people are looking in on it each day (but I doubt that it’s very strict)
-share the best new tracks with others and maybe some sort of moderators top track - it would have to be secret who is voting on stuff, 10mg Kamagra, but most people will work it out. Again, integrity (look it up, chump).

finally, i been doing a bunch of videos of my 2009 tracks - the new one uses a bunch of war footage and includes Knowledge Born, Presto and Eratik.... have a look on KK's video channel. And yeah, i'm promoting for the Original Producer award. Like I said, people don't get free lunch. Peace


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    Vote -1 Vote +1R-Senal

    agreed O.o..specially bout points..who give a fuk who dopes u up..if real niggaz respect u dats all u need..

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    Vote -1 Vote +1McNast


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    Vote -1 Vote +1McNast

    naw DAy im not saying it like “oh DA is a hater or no shit like tht it is just one of those lines i reaaly like because i doubt any other mc would use such a line Em is sick but tht like is like duh but when you can use sweat glands on a track its its idk different and i like being different you say the line aint wht i think it is and im saying tht it is wht i think it is … hot like it dont got sweat glands tht shit is dumb sick i guess i shoulda wrote the line be for it tht i said or after but thx for the imput i will be sure to remember tht when i get lost in the tunes again SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE WINNERS AND NOMS ONCE AGAIN 2010 IS LMGM TIME OK

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